Macross ep #14 Mother's Song

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The series is finally picking up and the real plot is finally under way. This ep we got an army of Vajra attacking Frontier, some shipping, and song. etc. same shit as always -_-. But at least I think I understand what is going on between the Vajra and Ranka. Her parents were scientists working on the missing Macross. They were probably developing the Vajra, not as a weapon (and copypaste the rest of what happened from countless shows). Evil guys wanted it as a weapon, made Ranka's mother the queen. Thus why Ranka's mother came up in the egg prison. Ranka was infected with the virus, that produce Vajra (just a guess, not sure what that glow on Ranka was, but a screen cap of a virus was shown in Ranka's flashback) Now she is the new queen of the Vajra, 'insert villain' controls her to leave macross and everyone comes to save her. (man I thought it would at least be a little more orginal than that)