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I've never dropped an anime without at least watching the entire first episode.

Strike Witches has completely changed that. I couldn't stomach it for 5 minutes.

Interesting premise. Shit goes down in 1939, Anti-Spiral airships start fucking up Europe. This got my attention.
Then the OP starts. Right, yeah, they're not wearing any god damn pants, whatever. Gonzo's animating it, what a surprise.
Then they start fighting that Neuroi thing. I simply cannot take that many obligatory fanservice shots in the span of, what, 2 and a half minutes? That's just fucking ridiculous. It's not even funny that they're going so low, it's fucking pathetic. My face gets stuck like this for the entire span of that sequence.

I feel sorry for Chuck Yeager. A war veteran gets honored with such a shitty show.