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Nobody would have believed that Moral-tan, the young blonde, was holding her husband Nostalgiafag on such short leash. Nobody would also believe her capable of tongue leashing, but in fact she held him totally under her thumb. You see, she had this thing about tidiness and cleanliness, and John was a slob. "Cleanliness is the way of the Lord," she used to say. "It is second only to holiness," and when Moral-tan was speaking of God she was very serious-you see Moral-tan a very observant Christian.

Not the regular Sunday church-goer, no sir! Moral-tan went to this and that comity of the church almost every day. The worship of Almighty God really did mean much to her. And Nostalgiafag, you see, well if left alone maybe he wouldn't attend church very regularly… So Moral-tan didn't leave him alone. After all a wife has responsibility to save her husband from fire and brimstone, doesn't she?

She was married for seven years now, but God had not blessed them with children. Yes- that's how she felt about it – it was God's blessing that they were missing, probably because the unholy behavior of Nostalgiafag, what with his drinking and blaspheming …She even performed very observantly once a week her "wife's duty" and had sex with him… meaning he lay on her and shoved his dick into her for a few minutes and spent his semen in her-without the blessed outcome.

Well, it wasn't that bad-it didn't hurt or something, but she didn't know what good people found in it. Not at all like eating chocolate - that was tempting! but people certainly did find sex as exciting-even churchmen! -although having sex without marriage was certainly a sin, the reverend himself was doing it with that Underage Cancer slut, she was sure!