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During a discussion in a previous thread, I was asked what happened when Lelouch and Suzaku were stranded on the island and came upon the Geass ruins which caused Suzaku to zone out.

Rewatching the scene I took this screencap, and realized something. V.V. orchestrated the powerup of the Lelouch's Geass intentionally, by placing him on the island and possibly activating the ruins there as well. If this is true, it could be the case that the Euphie incident was planned on the part of V.V.. Something to lend credence to this would be the Emperor's intense amusement at what happened. He was laughing, after all.

This leads to another interesting possiblity. The next episode details Lelouch's assault on the Geass cult, which seems to take V.V. completely by surprise. V.V. goes out in Seigfried to fight the Black Knights. It is possible that, during the battle, he and Lelouch fight and V.V., trying to get under Lelouch's skin, taunts Lelouch about the Euphie incident, and tells him that it was he who was responsible for Lelouch's sudden powerup. Lelouch proceeds to rage and probably do something stupid, like be lured into a trap where V.V. can transport him to the world of C to be fucked up.

Here is the interesting part though. If Cornelia becomes privy to any of this, she will have an excuse to forgive Lelouch (partially) as well as a new reason to despise her father. Which might bring about an actual, plausible reason, for her to join the BKs and have it not just be fanwankery.

Armed with this new knowledge, Lelouch could also diffuse the hatred between him and Suzaku when he talks to him in episode 17, as well as bring Kallen back around to his side provided that Suzaku tried to convince her to join Britannia using the Euphie incident as an example.