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Anime characters talk too much. You don't really need Shinji saying "I MUST NOT RUN AWAY" every time he pilots the Evangelion, the look of fear on his face should give it all away. You don't really need Shinji to explain his relationship with his father, his interactions with him should give it all away. You don't really need the out-of-place narration in Kino no Tabi, the contrast between Kino and the new countries she visit should give it all away.

Imagine the scene in Gunbuster where Noriko was looking at the words “Welcome Home” with on the planet the swell of emotion from the music, and instead of just giving a brief good bye to the machine, she suddenly started saying "I’m back at home Earth, they remember me after thousands of years of traveling. I am finally ready to grow up and live for myself." Would totally ruin the moment. Imagine the final wedding scene in Gurren-Lagann in which Simon and Nia instead saying a brief and subtle but meaningful good bye, with the very quiet and serene Love Conservative playing on the background, suddenly started saying: “I’m dying for the future of Earth, Simon. I’ll always live in your heart. – Nia, I accept your dying wish. You’re dying to prevent the abuse of Spiral Energy. You’ve grown up and have come to understand the nature of this Universe; you will be my true love forever.” Would also totally ruin the moment.

Too many directors fail to trust in visuals and nonverbal communication. Nothing is left up to the imagination these days. Everything is spoon fed to you literally.