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fanfiction time!!!

/a/ this is a sequel to mine other yessterday

gino laid in the grass and he ate an apple. the man was eating some ice cream and lelouch his son that he bore with kallen named after the guy he killed a year ago came up to him

lelouch weinberg looked exactly like gino and they shared a moment and played soccer together and had lots of fun.

then out of nowhere came a comet and the world exploded. coming out of the ground was a saiyan. his name was goku and he was from the plaent dragonball.

goku and gino looked at each other

"i must kill you gino!!!!!!"

goku kicked him in the face and the battle raged on in the middle of the of the street. little lelouch didnt wanna see his dad die, so he saved him and killed goku with his secret power

lelouch weinberg was actually a saiyan.

a super saiyan with a geass to turn back time and travel to the future. gino looked at him and hugged the little lelouch. lelouch weinberg stared at the sky and looked.

dragonball...i must defeat them all.

and he flew off into the sky!