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Dear /a/
I am curious as to how exactly this weeaboo hatred phenomenon came about.

How do the people of /a/ see themselves in relation to "true" weeaboos, since it has become almost like 4chan's own version of paedophilia; the ultimate taboo where even to admit to it in the slightest results in a huge bombardment of hate from the general populus. Yet given the nature that this is an anime board we cannot say that we are in no way at all tempted by japanese culture. At some point there must be a dividing line of japanophile mindsets behind which behaviour is regarded as "normal" in /a/, such as the simple act of watching anime.

And there must be a large amount of people here who hide their weeaboo like behaviour from the volatile nature of this forum, or else have been purged by it soley because of influence by the majority and the need for acceptance. Do you truly hate these people or is it just a huge hivemind joke?

It confuses me that people can be so obsessed with japanese culture and still deny that it affects them any way mentally.

To me weeaboo hatred seems like the second stage of a japanophile, where they have to come to terms with the fact that they cannot and will not ever become Japanese or part of Japanese culture, and Japan will never accept them. Due to this a hatred of all people who openly aspire to be like the Japanese develops, as the weeaboo haters see themselves in these pathetic futile individuals. So weeaboo hatred and denial is actually just a more advanced state of japanophilia.

Although I ama aware that the terms "weeaboo" and "japanophile" have developed different meanings, like "nigger" to "black person".

I suggest that /a/ stops getting so worked up about 13 year old anime fans. Yes, people are stupid, now fucking get over yourselves.