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It’s been an hour. Shinji suddenly realizes the shower never started.

Cautiously, for whatever reason, he walks to the bathroom and knocks on the door.



He takes the knob and turns, pushes in.

Asuka lies in the tub, her legs spread wide, her opening raw and slightly bleeding. In one hand she holds an also bloody washrag and in the other the bath’s extendable showerhead. Her head lulls back against the shower stall’s wall.


She blinks, looking up.

“Hey, hey… didn’t see you there.”

Shinji takes in the rest of the room. Bottles line the edge of the tub: peroxide, a plastic spray bottle, a focusing nozzle, chemical cleaners… and a little orange bottle, empty.

“I couldn’t get it all out… so I took a few… to sleep…”

Her head nods down again, her arm droops over; the bottles spill to the floor, pouring and draining up to Shinji’s feet.