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/a/, I'm scared.

Lately, I'm becoming more and more conscious that I'm a failure at life and that being a NEET is not the best way to live.
Trying to quit my fruitless life, I found a job at a club as a waiter. At first I liked the work but after a week, when they told me I suck, I lost the joy of going to work. However, I don't want to quit because it's like my only chance and I always say to myself that it'll be fine in a few weeks as I get more experienced. Thing is, I can't take it anymore. I always keep thinking about work, I'm always worried about something. I can't even sleep properly anymore. I'm not happy anymore, not as happy as before at least. Before I had fun downloading doujin music, watching animu, fapping to loli, playing Touhou and of course browsing /a/. Now I still do all those things but I don't get the same satisfaction anymore.

Anyone else experience(d) this? What should I do? If possible I'd like to avoid quitting my job. Help me because I'm at my fucking limit here.

Also, use this as advice, /a/nons. Either find a job you're sure you'll enjoy and/or do with ease. Or stay a NEET and never forget that every day is a gift and enjoy it to the fullest.