Eva fanfiction pt2

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>old thread 404d, finishing up the fanfiction I'm writing for /a/. Find the previous parts here http://www.asuka-langley-sohryu.com/asuka/imgboard.php?res=40331

Asuka began to moan with each stroke, and felt certain telltale signs. Despite calling Shinji a pervert, she masturbated fairly often and knew what her orgasms felt like. The contact with her sensitive pussy every time Shinji pushed into her was just enough...

"God, no, I'm going to have an anal orgasm. With the idiot!" she though to herself, while knowing it was hopeless to resist.

And not just any orgasm either, she could tell, but one of her biggest ever. Could she actually be as big of a pervert as Shinji? Thought fled.

She screamed, and fell back against the shower wall. It was loud in the confines in the shower. A distant part of her was surprised how loud she was, she usually muffled her noises in a pillow so Misato and Shinji wouldn't hear.

Shinji was slightly concerned that she was hurt, but getting closer and closer to his own orgasm, so he simply held her up by the waist and sped up slightly.