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Awwright, /a/, this isn't directly animu related or anything, but since traps are always /a/ material I just wanted to share it with you guys. The story goes something like this: I am a relatively normal /a/non, with a taste in traps and an interest in being one. I have a good, body and fill out my clothing rather nicely. The only problem I had was my face, which, although attractive, was a bit long and not that girly. Now, unluckilly (or perhaps luckilly) I got into a rather nasty fight a little more than a month ago, which resulted in a jaw fracture requiring a complete restructuring of my face. Now everything has healed up and I don't look a bit like my old self. I don't even have any scarring, it's like a dream come true.
The thing is, this has given me a rather cool idea. Nobody in my home town has seen my new look, so I want to try and lurk for a while in girl mode. to test my new potential. I'm thinking of visiting a cafe where a friend of mine works. If i can fool him I will be very happy. Thanks for listening.
And I won't post any pictures, people I know personally are browsing this board occasionally.