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>The upshot is that episodic shows are rarely too serious. Self-contained episodic drama is a difficult format to execute and a difficult format to sell (as opposed to long-arc drama or episodic comedy), so there's not a lot of it. By excluding anything even remotely comedic or non-animated, you narrow things a lot more.

>Even with these limitations, you get a really good example every few years or so, just because the audience does exist.

This this this this this this this this. I saw this in /co/ just now and I couldn't help but think, Holy shit, this applies perfectly to anime as well.

This is you only get gems like Berserk and Monster here and there. And this is why OVAs are the only real format to do more serious, darker plots and the like in animation, instead of episodes.

I'm getting sick of it. Why can't people balls up and put effort into stuff again?

The thread on /co/ if anyone cares.