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Macross Frontier episode previews

Episode 14 - "Mother's Lullaby"
During a large scale Vajra attack on Frontier the secret of "Aimo", the lullaby that only Ranka and Brera know and its relation to Ranka's past is revealed.

Episode 15 - "Lost Peace"
While Sheryl was recovering from her illness, all her work was cancelled. When she is informed that Ranka's popularity is now rising she becomes insecure and worried about her own musical career. During that time, Alto and Ranka give her a friendly visit.

Episode 16 - "Ranka Attack"
Mr. Bilrer, the owner of S.M.S. meets with Alto Saotome to discuss Alto's future plans in the company. At the same time, Ranka finds out that Brera, the pilot of the hostile VF-27, has been listening to her songs.

Episode 17 - "Goodbye, Sister"
Ozma promises Ranka to attend her first live concert on Macross Frontier, but he is ordered to defend the fleet from another Vajra attack before that.

Episode 18 - "Fold Fame"
Due to repeated Vajra attacks, the Frontier colonial fleet's resources are shortened. Energy becomes limited, and water and food rationing increases the population's unease.

Oh God, I can't fucking wait.