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You know what /a/ i'm always going to be ronery.
1. I love Anime and Manga
2. I live in Australia (which means that there are very few Anime fans, let alone enough fans in one spot to make a friend group)
3. I enjoy masturbation too much.
4. I just failed my first simester of university (proving i suck at life)
5. I can real off Anime names like crazy but current events are foriegn things
6. I am a disgrace to my parents
7. I am on 4 chan about 4 hours a day
8. I love Haruhi so much that I melt when I see something new involving her
9. Etc
10. ???
11. Profit

You can probable add a few more and make up a list that pretty much spells out your life.

But in contrast I'm happy at the same time even though I have no one I can talk to about personal matters or people that I trust with secrets, I'm happy because I'm being true to myself I'm not lieing about my personality or what I like.
On the other hand I'm not such an anime fan that I only masturbate to Anime porn (real girls rock to), I have lost my virginity and have had girlfriends.
Think to your self for a second why do we like Anime? What is our meaning? Why are we here?
There is no answer to these question there is just now.
It's that simple 'Now' is the answer to everything it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, an Anime fan or a sports fanatic. 'Now' is the only thing that matters.

tl:dr i'm now going to load up all my fav Pics to show that I love you all.