Raging at full force

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God. Fucking. DAMN IT. I was just reading along, happily anticipating another chapter of TLR, hoping that it would contain some more delicious Riko... then I reached this page. I read the page and was about to move on to the next one, then I realized something was amiss and reread the page. Lo, and behold, the middle panel:

>Sound so cool-- I want to mess around with men's feelings too! *music note of happiness*
>I want to mess around with men's feelings too!

The comment this girl made is causing me some atomic rage. Women actually enjoy being manipulative whores and complete bitches. They go so far as to ADMIRE those who "mess with" the feelings of guys who work up the nerve to confess their love. That is some seriously infuriating shit. At this point, I don't know if chapter 107 contains Riko or not. I've stopped reading it until my rage cools down.

TL;DR: Girls make me RAGE.