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What's so important about reality, /a/?

People glorify this so called reality, but it's fragile at its base and simply a concoction of intermingling analogies that are supposed to represent individual perceptions, all things considered. Perceptions that are simply shaped by our senses which are in turn shaped by our brains. That is to say we're not something else entirely, and the idea and conception of a "brain" isn't just more perception faggotry. To a colorblind person, red and green aren't so different until someone with "heightened" perception points it out, you know?

What I'm getting at is, why do people criticize intense love of a waifu as being unnatural escapism from "reality" and whatnot when all it takes to fundamentally change reality is the very thing that gives us our limited perception of it: the brain. If I perceive that I love her, it's all the same, it's all relative. With perception being such a fragile and variable thing, how is my love for her any less valid than a man's professed love for his actual wife, you know?

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