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Lately, I see a few anonymous really willing to change their outlook in life, and enjoy things as they come.
I would like to share this good feeling with all of you, so /a/ may become a place for a happier anonymous, not bound by self-pity and rage.

For this reason, I invite you to, come next Geass Sunday, turn off your monitors, leave the laptop at home, and walk to the nearest coffee shop.
There, you will enjoy a cup of your favorite blend, or try a new one that might sound tasty to you. Explore new things, if you will. Order a sweet treat as well, a cinnamon roll or muffin. Smile back at the cashier, and sincerely thank him or her. You might see a genuine smile back, someone who needed a small boost to get through the day, and now is happier because of you. Enjoy it.

Sit alone, and enjoy drinking that cup of coffee. Watch the clouds pass by lazily over you. Or look at the rain falling, filling everything with that wet smell. Or just enjoy of the overcast skies.

Sip slowly, and think of the few anonymous that join you, each in some place different in the globe, all trying to enjoy a nice day.
Do your best to smile, and leave your worries behind.

You may return home then. You will see Code Geass plastered all over the front page, and not care about it. Nothing will have changed, except you. And it will be a world of difference

Try it, participate in threads that are interesting to you, and treat your fellow anonymous with respect and cordiality.