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I also have shitty fanfiction for you /a/, it's the first chapter, dunno when the author will be arsed to do more.
Turn 1: Of Preludes and Revelations.

And it came to be that they revealed themselves to the world, after thousands of years of hiding and cowardice, their time had come, and they were done with waiting and observing, this time, they were fighting.
The year is 2011 a.t.b. the Chinese Confederacy, allied with Zero and the Order of The Black Knights are rallying to fight their common enemy, the Holy Empire of Britannia, they know the war to come will not be simple, but as their clashes with the Britannian war machine start to take a turn for the worse, something no one would’ve predicted happened.
-3:00 PM, Britannian Central Time on the Mainland, Global Britannia Broadcasting System-
The stench of tobacco was heavy in the air as Leanne Hempshall edited the most recent tapes from the war front; she eyed her boss wearily, as the thin, tall man paced the room while smoking like a chimney
“Sir, we seem to have a problem in here… there’s some interference.”
“Well fix it! Those war broadcasts need to be ready before five!”
“But sir! There’s a signal incoming, a live global signal, it’s blocking all of our systems!”
“What!? Terrorists hacking into our systems? Do whatever you can to stop them, anything!”
“It’s no use! They’re in…!”
“What the living hell? Who is that man?”