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Yes, another Shirley thread. And it's speculation time...

I got to thinking about how LeLouche was trying to Geass Shirley into living, but her body just wasn't able to respond and it gave out. But what if SHIRLEY didn't? What if Shirley's spirit continues to survive because of Geass, and as a result, she ends up becoming a ghost trapped in her own lifeless body, until the moment comes when she is freed from her shell and possesses someone, her soul merging with the possessed to become a combination of Shirley and the person possessed? Then she seeks out LeLouche to make good on her promise to stay by his side, reincarnated, so to speak, and staying in love with him forever?

Eh, just theory, but it WOULD be a nice little twist... plus all that Geassing HAS to do SOMETHING, right?