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Rolo's death confirmed. If the picture isn't enough to convince you ask yourself if Lelouch is really going to forgive his "brother" for killing Shirley?

The answer is of course he won't. He already regarded Rolo as a fake sibling. This development hastens his demise.

If Lelouch were smart he would geass Gino into killing Suzaku, make Rollo go kill his father, and make Anya go on a rampage to create a diversion to draw out Schneiser. During said battle, Gino could murder Suzaku after Anya disabled Lancelot and then commits suicide. Left without an army, his brother is forced to surrender.

In the meanwhile, Rollo sneaks into the Imperial palace and kills Curly. CC gets ahold of Chinese nukes and bombs every major Britannian population center. The Empire crumbles to waste, Daddy dies, Suzaku dies, and all the evidence is destroyed.

Keikaku Doori.