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I know this is a shitty place to talk about this sort of thing, but its seems like /a/ could understand where I'm coming from on this.

My sister is going through a hard time in her life, /a/. She's graduating from high school, but she didn't get into a college, and she has very few friends because she's so shy. Our parents were basically disgusted with her and said she'd have to start paying them rent to stay at home, so she decided to move in with me. I rent an apt next to the campus I attend.

Anyway, I hear her crying at night, and she's always so miserable when I leave for class and so happy to see me when I come back. I think she's really lonely and vulunerable right now, and I've started to think of less as my little sister and more like a woman, especially when she's showing skin around the house. Its getting harder and harder to keep my hands off her, so I want to know what I should do. You people seem to be experts when it comes to this.

tl;dr: does /a/ suggest that I ask my sister to pay me "rent" even though she has no money? I'm honestly, genuinely afraid that she's going to start getting into drugs (she already smokes weed quite regularly) and meeting bad guys. Goddamit /a/, I dont want that to happen to my little sister, I love her too much.