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I'm makingg a fanfiction for /a/.

here it goes:

lelouch lamperouge walked into the room. his sister nunally lay on the bed and on the stacks of pillows lay an origimi that she made out of pink fabric paper. he picked her offf the bed and then walked out into the main hall.


kallen was there wearing nothing at all. she was naked and running towards lelouch. lelouch stared and then saw that nunally was naked as well. she must sleep in the blind nude. not like she can see anyways, right?

"i was just taking a shower and heard nunally scream!" kallen screamed

c.c came behind everyone and hugged lelouch, kissing his neck and rubbing her bare breasts along his back.

"why are you naked witcH?!"

"i dunno, i'm your bitch"

the orgy lasted a long time. nunally was being raped by kallen, and lelouch fucked c.c, and c.c finger banged both the blind girl and the red head.

"oh my, just as planned!"

lelouch was first serious and then lulz!


"you woke up honey"

lelouch turned and his eyes were awake. he was in a bed and saw suzaku out of bed only wearing a towel and a smile.

"don't you remember? it's our marriage day"