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Yu Yu Hakusho
Yuusuke is a 14 yr. old punk-ass kid with a bad attitude. One day, he actually does something good, throwing the balance of his fate off the handle, dies, and has to earn his way back into existence. When that's over with, Koenma (Prince of the Underworld + in charge while King Enma is away) wants Yuusuke to become a (we'll just use the translated terms) Spiritual Detective + hunt out the bad guys of the Demon World (Makai) and ship 'em off to the Spiritual World (Reikai). Yuusuke is joined by local bully and cat-lover, Kuwabara Kazuma, (who has the 6th sense in training), Kurama (reincarnated Fox Demon aka Youko ) , and Hiei (cute, short, pissy fire demon).