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I'm a little disappointed. The translation in the official release is kinda crappy. It's not like I wasn't expecting it, but still. At the very least, they got "who the hell do you think I am?" right. What's the point of releasing a sub only, nine episode quick release to get the dvd in the hands of fans if you're just going to piss them off by overadapting and hoping that they won't notice?

The subtitles themselves are a bit of an issue. I haven't purchased anime in a while, but I thought they would at least get rid of that ugly, jaggy, yellow font. The sub positioning isn't the greatest, either, sometimes cutting off the action. During the eyecatches, there's shitty white font that reads "GURREN LAGANN" mucking up the art. There are also typos. I would expect typos from a speedsub group, but not a company who gets paid to do this professionally.

The upsides to this whole thing are that the DVD upscales pretty well, comes with a clean OP/ED, and only cost $20 for nine episodes, so I'm not out that much cash. The packaging looks nice, too, I guess.

But it's really sad to see that a company who is fighting against fansubbers for their survival can't even produce a product that looks and plays half as professionally as the fansubbers can. What's more, is that the fansubbers can do it in a matter of days at the most.