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Yanderekko drama CD, translated by Suzuran.

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Nonohara Nagisa, 149cm B73 W52 H76.

Voiced by Ochiai Yurika (落合祐里香).

Onii-chan, are you still awake?
Sorry for bothering you this late.
I wanted to apologize for today.
I had some really important to do, so I couldn’t make you a yummy lunch.
I’m really sorry.
No, it bothers me.
You were always looking forward to my lunch after all.
Of course I thought of a pre-made lunch as well
but I wanted you to eat a home made dish.
But don’t worry, from tomorrow on I’ll be making your lunch again.
No… I didn’t really hate you or anything!
If you ask…
It’s nothing. Never mind.
I didn’t say anything! Really, it’s nothing.
Ah, right. How was dinner?
I tried to change the taste a little.
I see. Glad to hear that.
I was worried for the case you wouldn’t like it.
I’m relieved now.
You don’t have to worry about that.
We’re a family, aren’t we?
I can’t do anything besides cooking and doing chores…
Besides, you always eat my dishes with joy.
I’ll work hard, too!
By the way, Onii-chan,
I found this while doing laundry…
This handkerchief isn’t yours, is it?
Whose is it?
Ah, I got it! It’s Ayase-san’s, isn’t it?
I can tell by its scent.
So, why do you have it?
What?! You got hurt?!
And then you borrowed it…
How is your injury?
I see. I’m glad it’s nothing big.
So the blood on that handkerchief was my brothers…
I shouldn’t have done that…
I should have thrown it away after getting the blood out.