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Lelouch was determined to become the ruler of the earth. The stars above him twinkled and began shoting. They were alien ships! There were Britannians leaving Area 11. He didn't see them, but he knew he had won. His message to C.C. did not reach her and now it was too late. Lelouch has had Geass for fifty years now. He is immortal. When he was young he watched the stars and he said to his father "I want to wipe the sky clean of stars" His father said "No! The Britannians own the stars!" There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got older he forgot what he said to his father. But now in skies over Japan he knew there were people from beyomd the stars. "This is Lelouch" He yelled "Fight the aliens! Protect Japan!" So Lelouch geassed all of the escaping Britannians. "He's going to keep fighting!" said the aliens. "I will geass him and he will die" said the alien leader and he fired his geass. Lelouch geased at him and tried to blew him up. But then the Zero statue, built to celebrate the beginning of the revolution fell and he was trapped and not able to geass. "No! I must protect the earth" he shouted. C.C. appeared and said "No, Lelouch. You are on Jupiter." And then he saw that the aliens were Japanese.