what anime flicks you've seen as of late (reccomend/not reccomend)

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Suprisingly I enjoyed Appleseed: Ex Machina,
while the first one i liked (i dunno i tend to enjoy it better on a big screen) I thought the story could be better,
this one actually has a larger scope and plot, and better action.

very dissapointing, i dunno what the hell they were thinking, it's kind of an insult to the first one.

not that the original was genius, but it was gritty, raw, nasty and naughty. It was like adult anime at it's best, just pure entertainment,
sure wasn't realistic, but it was to a point,
this sequel has space mutations, and Sawa comes back as mukai an older chick with a kid from
the guy in the first movie

(supposedly, since she's not called sawa at all, but she has the same face) the action is nowhere near the original, and i don't mind there was no hentai,
but very very muddled sequel.