hunting for a manga

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/a/ I need your help here, a few months back a friend who moved away introduced me to a manga of which I cannot remember the name of. I thought it was something along the name of Gold Rush but I googled and failed. So /a/ I turn to you! From what I recall of the first part of the manga,

was there is some great treasure hidden away and the only way to open it is to use a key hidden on the planet, or rather fight for all the keys to make the final key and open the treasure. The main character has a female ally who uses stone tablets as a portable computer to assist him. The main character finds the last key and is being hunted by treasure hunters and his female ally uses the tablets to hack the hunters air ships etc.

This is the only thing I could remember from it but it was something that caught my interest and I couldn't find it anywhere and now I can't even think of the name, so if someone could please help me out here it'd be awesome. also pic not related