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I'm more of an anime fan than a manga fan to be honest, not because I hate reading but because I usually prefer animation. The only full manga series I own are Jing: King of Bandits and the two volumes of Disgaea 2 that were released before it got axed.

Recently however I've become pretty heavily hooked on Black God, the story is semi-interesting, the fight scenes are nice and gritty, the art is pretty and Kuro (see posted pic) is awesome. I like Keita simply because I have a thing for characters that spend most of thier screen-time being unlikeable assholes occasionally having seemingly out of character moments of valour and/or kindness (like Revy for example).

Another thing I like about the manga is they don't seem to be afraid to let Kuro really take a pounding (no innuendo intended but take it as you want) in battle. She really gets the shit kicked out of her in some of these fights which makes her eventual victory all the more satisfying to watch, like I said earlier: Gritty. I'm sick of seeing female combatants using elegant, acrobatic fighting styles all the time. Kuro uses boxing which I find to be a refreshing and amusing change.

Three volumes in and the story is starting to look interesting so I'm just going to keep on reading and hope they don't fuck it up.

Enough about what I think, what were your thoughts /a/?