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A shot of bright blue Chuck Taylors running up a walk-up, we don't yet see anything but beneath the knee.

Gamer-tan: They had it, they had it, I can't believe they had it!

We see an apartment door closing with the flash of a white backpack with a Wii logo on it, an elbow clad in a loose red long-sleeve shirt. There's a creak and the sound of the door closing shut, followed by the sound of quickly walking feet.

Gamer-tan: The special edition came in, hoooooly craaaaaap, I've been waiting for this forever~

Another door opens into a room decked out with posters from Final Fantasy 7 and 8, Persona 3, Lunar, and other RPGs; there are fanarts from convention art shows, B&W from the web and elsewhere. The door closes and we see a printout of an FF6 moogle holding up a sign: "Gamer-tan's Room"

Gamer-tan: My stupid aunt and uncle aren't even my parents, they won't let me get a 360. So what, I have my PS2, it's the best system anyway.

We the backpack cast aside behind a large beanbag chair, sprawled over CD-Rs with hastily scribbled game names on them, organized semi-neatly in a pile next to an open, empty CD folio. We pan out to see a head of chin-length, tousled green hair against a latte-colored neck, which then leans back into the beanbag. We see a TV start up as the whir of a PS2 powers on.

Gamer-tan: /v/ was all excited to see this game on XBLA and nobody was torrenting it, I know this'll be worth the $80 but that was all my Pocky money for the week. ;-;