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You know, there's one part of Code Geass R2 that I still don't understand: Why is Lelouch still free?

Simply put, both the Emperor and Suzaku know that Lelouch = Zero. A year later, a new Zero appears. Irregardless of whether or not this new Zero = old Zero, why the hell doesn't Suzaku or the Emperor simply call for Lelouch to be detained a second time due to suspicion? Despite the group of soldiers watching over him, detaining him for a few weeks would quickly prove whether or not Lelouch regained his memories, rather than bumbling about and going "HURRR DURRRRR HE SAYS HE DOESN'T REMEMBER SO HE DOESN'T REMEMBER."

Oh wait, this is Code Geass, I'm not allowed to use logic when discussing it. Saging my own thread due to Geass.