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Remember when we all thought Bonen no Xamdou was going to be good? Not anymore. The initial comments were about how there is a ghilbi-like robot anime under development called Xamdou, and that Miyaji was the director. Then comments started getting more negative about how the director is rather unreasonable and the staff all hate him. Then it goes on to comment about how his production schedule is a mess and the uphill battle to finish the initial stages will ruin the later stages of production for the show. Finally it goes on to comment that Xamdou was supposed to be a Spring show (this was before it was even announced at TAF) but production has been delayed and they have failed to secure a slot on any station, hinting that it might even end up being released as PPV on the Playstation Network instead.

While the comments can't be verified, it was clear from the start that people posting obviously were part of the industry and had a good idea of what the show was and who was working on it. So for people that were connected to the show to go on 2ch and anonymously post about how bad the director was and how everyone hated him just seems to indicate that there is a trend of unhappiness. Whether it is limited to a few disgrunted people or being widespread at the studio, that resentment clearly exists. We have no way of knowing how deep the problem goes, but it seems to be a little worrying at the moment.