/a/ general consensus survey 07/08

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Based on comments and remarks made by users withing this board the results of the anime studio popularity for this month is the following:

Uber tier(great shows overall, respected by the majority of users):
-GAINAX, Madhouse, 4°C, Production I.G, Ghibli

Mid tier(fair amount of good and bad shows, got a bit of respect in /a/ but it's not trolled as much):
-Shaft, Deen, BONES(used to be uber tier, but got demoted because of Soul Eater)

Low tier(most of their shows are cashcows, not respected by the majority of intelligent userbase):
-Kyoto Animation, Sunrise, Bee Train, GONZO, Pierrot, JC Staff(used to be mid tier but got demoted after failures like ZnT 2nd, Shana 2nd and it's fucking up with the new Slayers series)

Since the majority of the comments are made by anonymous users there's no guarantee this suvey is 100% correct, but judging from the posters using a tripcode this seem to be the most accurate.