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Reminds me of gurren

Yo its three thousand thirty,
I want yall to meet deltron zero, hero, not no small feat
its all heat in this day and age,
i rage your grave,
anything it takes to save the day
nueromancer, perfect blend of technology and magic
use my rappin so you all could see the hazards
plus entertainment where many are brainless
we cultivated the lost art of study and i brought a buddy
automator harder slayer fascinating combinations
cyber warlords are activating abominations
arm a nation with hatred we ain't with that
we high-tech archeologists searching for nicknacks
composing musical [stimpacks?] that impacts the song
crack the motor what you think you rappin for?
I used to be a mech soldier but I didn't respect orders
I had to step forward, tell them this ain't for us
living in a post-apocalyptic world morbid and horrid
the secrets of the past they horded
now we just borded on a futuristic spacecraft
no mistakes black its our music we must take back