Well Near, looks like I win

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Ok, I'll be honest, I still don't get it. Have seen the ending about 5 times already, and it still doesn't make sense. Here's what I've been able to gather so far:

1. Gevanni altered the "fake" notebook, I guess to make Mikami realize "they" knew
2. Light killed Takeda with a piece of the Death Note, but just a minute later, Mikami wrote the same thing in the "real" notebook (hivemind?)
3. Somehow, Mello helped, I still don't get that part.
4. Gevanni switched the "real" notebook with a perfect replica (God hands), that's why no one died
5. Somehow, Takeda's death was the key in solving the case, even though I still don't get how

Another thing that bothers me is that I read about the finale on "Memento", and the description is so different from what I saw in Dub Note. Did Bandai edited or altered the dialogue somehow? I'm still on "WTF mode", a little help, /a/.