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Any time someone puts down the MKV container, fansubbers and open-source zealots with big egos always come out of the woodwork. The fact is - it requires more processing power to view, it is poorly supported and noone outside anime fansubbers ever uses it.

'Crawl back in your cave you troll, it's a technically superior format!!' is the immediate retort of anyone who loves feeling superior to a lowly anime viewer, or leech as they love to refer to their inferiors.
Here's a clue, you ego-driven jackass: People who watch anime don't give a shit about your supposed technical prowess or the supposed failings of the 15-year old AVI format. All they know is that it works. They want ease-of-use. A vast number of them simply wait for a version to be posted on Youtube now, because the process of finding and viewing them is so onerous. If you actually believed the shit you shovel about community and fans, you'd understand that. If you're one of the pricks whose argument is that 'I subtitle for myself', then what are you doing here? That's self-serving bullshit and you have two choices - either make your content private-only, or stop doing it altogether. It is and has always been illegal, and your sorry excuses for producing and distributing it would never stand up in court if anyone bothered to drag your ass there.