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Some of you have been nice to me so I thought I should do something for you, i decided to write a review :p

Gurren Lagann is one of the greates anime shows of our time. If you really are in to anime you should try to watch this anime series, it might turn out to be one of the most amazing anime series you will get to experience in you lifetime. Gurren Lagann is so great to me, I have watched up to episode 27 and now every weekend I rewatch the series. To me Gurren Lagann is a necessity of life now, it is like a drug to me... so i guess you can call me a Gurren Lagann-fiend. Maybe if you start watching gurren Lagann, you might become a fiend like me.... come on YOU know YOU want to. Well I am getting a little lazy so I am going to finish it up.

P.S. gurren lagann will own your soul one way or another so you should be willing to go or force will be used.