This guy is bitching about Anime in general. Just read the thread

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Some funny quotes. The Site Admin said this shit:

>It's not just the look. Anime is pretentious as hell. It has all of the pretentious nonsense of conventional "indie films" without anything close to the same quality.

Look at the range of expressions you will see on the face of a good actor in a real indie film, made with real humans. Now look at the range of expressions you can see on peoples' faces in anime. There's what, four different expressions?

Why the fuck do you people take this bullshit seriously? If I want hard-hitting drama, I will watch movies where the fucking characters have more than a handful of facial expressions, and where their eyes can convey real emotion rather than looking like fucking reflecting pools. You can't even tell an anime character is upset unless they draw in huge teardrops. And if I want escapism, I sure as hell won't find it in fucking anime where they think that every goddamned action sequence has to be intercut with revelations about childhood sexual abuse or discovering the value of humanity or some other ridiculously overblown "ooooh, we're into serious artistic expression" thing.