Code Geass NewType preview 14 - 17

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Turn 14- Geass Hunt 「ギアス 狩り」, July 13th
Shirley, whose fate was twisted by Geass, died because of Geass. In grief of her death, Lelouch decides to annihilate the indirect cause, the organization which studys Geass- The Geass Cult.
With the information from Rolo and Jeremiah, he found out the Cult's headquarter and charges with the Black Knights.
The person waiting inside is the young leader of the Cult, who has immortal powers same as C.C., and is the older brother of the Emperor of Britannia, V.V.

Turn 15- The World Of C「C の 世界」 , July 20th
In the middle of the battle with V.V., Lelouch is transferred to the mysterious World of C of the mystery. He has to fight with the enemy who has powers beyond all knowledge. When Lelouch is in a desperate situation, the one who shows up before him is...

Turn 16- Union of Nations, Resolution No.1 「超合集国決議第壱號」 , July 27th
The plan for founding a union of nations to stand against Britannia is realized by uniting 47 countries together, centered on the United States of Japan and the United States of China. As a result, the world is divided into two: Britannia and the Union of Nations. The world situation comes to a new phase.

Turn 17- The Taste of Soil 「土 の 味」 , August 3rd
In Area 11, the battle between the Black Knights and the strongest force of Britannia army is about to begin. At this time, to accomplish a certain purpose, Lelouch heads toward the Kururugi Shrine, where Suzaku awaits alone. Holds all kinds of thoughts in their confrontation, what is the destiny waiting for them?

Also Loli C.C..