A rant towards moralfags.

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All you moralfags who talk like the Pentecostal Momoko from the ADV dub/sub of Ghost Stories need to back off. Sure /a/ is full of trap loving homosexuals, pedophiles, and even the furfags (although i stand by your judgement of the latter)
I'm not asking you to live your life like omanujaku the talking smart ass cat would, but i remind you of a Bible verse. Does not dueteronomy 14:21 say that if you find or come into possession of unclean food you are to give it to a poor hungry gentile or sell it to one with money, but not partake yourself because you must keep holy?

Your moral guidelines are commanded for you to uphold, not to force on us. if we convert to being a moralfag we will keep it to but if not, quit saging our hot lolis to make room for more code gayass threads.

So if you find loli you are forbidden to fap to, POST IT HERE for us non-moralfags. If you see a delicious trap, post it here for us lost souls to enjoy. And if you see a hot furry.... keep it to yourself, we only like Kanokon and Kyouka from Kyouran Kazoku nikki, all the rest can yiff in hell.