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My current goal in life is to go to law school and become a lawyer so that I may eventually work my way into the political system. Although animu inspired me to do this (fuck you fags, LoGH was awesome), I always feel like I'm walking on a tight rope between my weeaboo hobbies and the studying for school and just the generally honing of skills I'll need for my future. Not to mention between work and hobbies I have almost no social life, a skill that I might need the most in politics.

Every once in awhile before I go to bed I'll tell myself, "You're going to get up tomorrow, delete your ffxi character, wipe your hard drive, and break your figs", but I can never take that step --every morning I know I have failed right when I audibly, yet unconsciously by habit, say to my Saber fig, "Good Morning Miss Saber"