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So I was watching cartoon network the other night and I saw this really cool show.

I think it was about ninjas or something. But anyways, there was like three main characters. One had on like an orange suit, bandanna, and yellow hair.
The other had a symbol that looked like a pokeball on the back of his shirt and black hair that was like spikey in the back. And then there was this girl that had like pink hair and a red dress with shorts underneath.

During the commercials they said what it was, but it slipped my mind. I think it was like nurooto or narroto. But I just searched both of them and nothing came up. Oh but I did remember one of their names if it helps you guys any. It was the black haired one. His name was saskei I think.
Oh and the orange suit guy, it kind of looks like the one in the image. except it has some blue and the sleeves are rolled up.