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I really don't watch anime

I was around /b/ two years ago...or was it one? It was around october of '06. Haruhi was all the rage, so I picked it up. I liked it.

Keep in mind, I never went to any fan forums or anything, so I have no idea what the communities like.

a year or so later, I pick up Code Geass. I like it, even though the plot seems to be made up as they go along and there are many "Why'd he do A instead of B" moments.

It's the only current anime /a/ is watching that I'm also watching.

Before this turns into a long live journal post, I'm asking for some anime recommendations. Nothing that's 50 or so episodes long, just short and sweet. I watched FMA before all of this, so theres that. I'm also thinking of watching Samurai Champloo and Ghost in the Shell (loladultswim), dubbed, since that's how I first saw them and the dubs seem alright. Actually, they are.