Perfect Waifus

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I have never experienced this feeling before. Usually when people are talking about waifus i just read the thread and laugh, but I think i have found my own waifu. Lynette bishop is my perfect waifu. Never before have i wanted to watch such a dumb fan service filled show just for the sake of one character, until now.
she's perfect because:
-Brown hair
-Blue Eyes
-Loli, but not to young
-long hair, in a braid
-British school girl uniform
-Tie (girls wearing ties are hot)
-No pants, and her panties are plain with a little bow (adorable)
-Military thigh highs.
-Part of the Britannia Commonwealth
-Based off of a Canadian hero (i'm from canada)
-Based off of my favorite war time ace
-Her plane is based of of my favorite fighter (Spitfire (although i prefer the MKV to the MKIX)
-She uses an anti tank rifles, which i have a strange affinity for. (precession and power, even though they're actually useless in the anti tank roll)
-Great Va
- less than 10% catgirl
- etc

God damn
tl:dr post your perfect waifus and why.