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I'm on vacation in Costa Rica right now. Obviously I brought plenty of spending money, but I don't have the slightest urge to buy any souvenirs. I'm also moving overseas in August, so I'm limited on what I will be buying anyway. I'm staying with my dad (Not a tico) and he lives about 5 minutes walk from the biggest mall in San Jose. Much to my joy and surprise I found a very nice little anime store there. Fansubbed anime is playing on a TV and the walls are lined with boxed figurines. At first I had my eye on some little Revoltechs, but then I saw Teh Rei! With the few words of Spanish I've picked up in the past couple days I managed to get the price for it at around $83 US. About the same price I've seen it on the internet. I really fucking want this fig, but I don't know whether or not it's worth it. I don't have many figs, but still... This thing looks amazing.

Guide my hand /a/. Is it worth it? Should I spend a good bit of my travel money on Rei. Pic 100% related.