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When I first watched the episode, I thought something was fishy about Shirley's death scene.

At first, I thought they cut it off for the shock, but there was something else fishy about it. Wouldn't it have been MORE shocking if we actually saw Rolo knife her? We saw Euphie getting shot, after all.

And then, while watching, something hit me. Rolo carries a knife. He uses his knife to usually kill people when he geasses them.

But that looks like a bullet hole to me. Well, she did have a gun on her, so it IS possible Rolo used that, but also-- The gun was found IN HER HAND.

And WE SAW NOTHING. We didn't even see Rolo cast his Geass, but here are some interesting facts we DO know:

It appears Shirley was killed by a gun, not a knife.
Her gun was found in her hand.
We did not see what happened to Suzaku after he 'went in'. (Suspicious..)

Now, I suppose it is possible that Rolo did have a gun on him and shot her. I actually don't care either way, I love Rolo and always will. BUT--after years of watching murder mysteries on TV, these little facts seem all too suspicious to me. And I kinda hope this is geass pulling another twist on us, because it would be awesome.

...Thoughts on my theory?