Rolo didn't kill Shirley

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Why the fuck do people think he killed her. Sunrise likes to take things out of context and do big twists. From those simple facts alone, you should then realize that Rolo didn't kill Shirley because that would have been too obvious.

Fact 1: Rolo used his geass
Fact 2: Someone else was coming by
Fact 3: You never see who shot her

What happened was rolo used his geass, and then positioned Shirley to look like she was shooting at the other person walking by. The other person happened to be Suzaku. Suzaku's "live" command activated, which caused him to grab the gun and shoot her.

Now we have a "omg, Lelouch killed Suzaku's love" and "omg, Suzaku killed Lelouch's love" drama shitstorm