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Please, please dont stop releasing .mp4 HD rls’s. PS3/360 ppl love you. Most people without brand new macs/pc’s have comprimised playback with hd rls’s. Not to mention that not all of us want to devote our cpu’s to playing movies when we could be using them for more computer-ish things. If anyone has problems playing back any hd rls’s (.mkv or .mp4) on a mac, its not the .mp4 containers fault. h264 is the codec used in both containers, .mkv just has quite a few more downfalls than .mp4, a pain in the ass IMO, for more than one reason. .mkv containers dont make the file SMALLER, or anything like that, do your research.(only upside is chapters,and embedded softsubs [both of which are pointless and are a royal pain in the arse]) I have, I went to school for video editing. Its a glitch that happens in Quicktime (with perian) with some types of encoders and encoder settings.(happens with some of the recent garden of the sinners .mkv (sd) rls’s, and DB’s naruto rls’s (.avi).) It will play in VLC though. And no, VLC does not ’suck’. It only sucks if your too dumb to figure out how to use it. It might suck on PC, but then again, PC’s just suck in general.