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Code Geass Spoiler of ep 14
This is what is written in "Code Geass spoiler ok threads" of 2ch.
Forgive my bad english. and I do not care if you believe or not.

Yes. Rollo killed Shirley.
Ep 14 starts from the scene of the funeral of Shirley.
Rivalz is crying and Milly tries not to cry. Mother of Shirley is crying.
The govenment treats Shirley's death as suicide.
Of course, Suzaku does not believe it.
Rollo tells Lulu that he killed Shirley to keep their secrets.
Lulu tells Rollo "good job", but he starts to think how to kill Rollo.
Death of Shirley makes Lulu childish and stupid.
He starts to hate everything about geass. He even hates C.C.
In the OBK, Lulu says that "we should cruch the geass cult".
Rollo say no. and it makes Lulu's sad face.
V.V.(the pilot of the Siegfried) vs. Lulu & Cornelia.
In the battle against Siegfried, Lulu try to blast the Siegfried with Rollo.
Lulu even wants to kill C.C. but of course, she is immortal.
He says "Fuck you, immortal witch".
After the battle against V.V., Lulu says "Am I Kamine-jima Island...?"
And he is in the frond of the emperor.
to be continued.