EU Comission is trying to ban filesharing

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Some very stinky shit is about to hit the fan in Brussels, on Monday the 7th.

In a nutshell: Members of the European Parliament were asked to vote for a draconian three-strikes-and-you're-out policy that would force ISPs to monitor users for signs of file sharing behaviour and cut them off. They very sensibly voted against it. Now an entirely different bill is before the IMCO and ITRE committee — a sensible and boring Telecoms Package — and a whole bunch of stealth Intellectual Property Rights amendments which have crawled out of the woodwork. And guess what they're about?

This is a serious attack on our civil liberties. For one thing, cutting off broadband connections for copyright violations risks stumbling into the muddy waters of collective punishment (in which one person's sin results in an entire group, such as a household, being punished). For another thing, it would require ISPs to snoop on their customer's communications, be they illegal or legal. It's an explicit violation of the principles of human rights at the heart of European treaty law, and it will badly damage net neutrality and privacy.

If you live in the EU, contact your MEP this weekend.

You can send them an email — some guidelines and suggested points to raise are here.
Send email via Phone them as well, on Monday morning (or leave voice mail over the weekend). If your MEP isn't on the IMCO and ITRE committee, they will still know colleagues who are, and can ask them pointed questions.

Go ahead. You've got nothing to lose but your broadband connection (and your freedom).